Independent Mental Health Advocacy

IMHA advocates are statutory advocates whose role and powers are enshrined within Mental Health legislation. Access to the IMHA service has been a right of qualifying patients since April 2009. IMHA advocates are extremely valuable in helping inform a patient of their rights and the powers of those involved with their care.

IMHA cases concern people who are qualifying patients within the Mental Health Act, either formally detained in Hospital or people on a Community Treatment Order, or under guardianship. In some circumstances informal patients can also have represntation and support from an IMHA case advocate when specific types of treatment requiring additional safeguards are being discussed, for example, Electro Convulsive Therapy or Neurosurgery.

Cases can often be complex and can involve many issues including assisting people with professional meetings about teir care under the Mental Health Act and supporting them through representation at formal meetings including Hospital Managers Reviews and Tribunals.

IMHA cases, due to the statutory criteria, are often lengthy and require at times a high degree of involvement from a number of professionals and even court procedings, particularly if the case involves Forensic issues.

IANE runs the IMHA service on behalf of patients who are registered with a GP within the North Tyneside locality.

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Latest News

IANE Annual Report 2017

Our annual report for 2017 is available, via the blue Downloads button. Please let us know if you would like to receive a hard copy. During 2017 we have helped more people than ever before; so if you, or a relative,

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Emma with Wanda and Rita

Independent Advocacy North East Celebrates 22 Years of Advocacy in North Tyneside

IANE recently celebrated their 22nd year of providing advocacy support to disabled people in North Tyneside; by hosting a Mary Berry inspired amateur bake off at their Annual General Meeting.

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Celebrating our QPM award

IANE Awarded New Revised Quality Performance Mark for Advocacy Services

We are delighted to announce that IANE, the first in the North East to have achieved the new and revised Quality Performance Mark, awarded by NTDI (National Development Team for Inclusion).

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Our wonderful Chair Karen and Chief Executive Officer proudly holding CR Plaque.

Huge thank you to Comic Relief

IANE have been awarded a plaque from Comic Relief in recognition to the advocacy we provide.

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IMCA - Making Decisions Booklet

Booklets are also available online at:

The Mental Capacity Implementation Programme published this booklet. It was written by Sue Lee at Speaking Up.

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