About Independent Advocacy North East

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is not new. it is part of everyday life. People advocate (or speak up) every day for themselves, for their children, for their relatives and for their friends.

Who Do We Help?

Not all of us are good at speaking up for ourselves.  Sometimes we are not listened to. 

We cannot help everyone, but we may be able to help people with:-

  • Mental health problems
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Communication difficulties and
  • People with Dementia
  • People from the Black and Minority Ethnic community

 to speak up for themselves.

We are not linked to health and social services or any other organisations. Our service is free and confidential.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who works with you on a problem until it is sorted out. Once the problem has been sorted out, the advocate will stop working with you. Advocates often work this way because lots of different people need the help and support of an advocate.

What an advocate does.

  • An advocate is someone who can help you to speak up.
  • Advocates listen to you and help you to explain yourself.
  • Advocates can speak on your behalf if you want them to.
  • Advocates will not tell you what to think or say.
  • Advocates can come with you to important meetings.
  • Advocates can find the right people to help you.
  • Advocates can help you to be treated fairly.
  • An Advocate will be on your side not anybody else's!
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Latest News

Emma with Wanda and Rita

Independent Advocacy North East Celebrates 20 Years of Advocacy in North Tyneside

IANE recently celebrated their 20th year of providing advocacy support to disabled people in North Tyneside; by hosting a Mary Berry inspired amateur bake off at their Annual General Meeting.

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Celebrating our QPM award

IANE Awarded New Revised Quality Performance Mark for Advocacy Services

We are delighted to announce that IANE, the first in the North East to have achieved the new and revised Quality Performance Mark, awarded by NTDI (National Development Team for Inclusion).

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Our wonderful Chair Karen and Chief Executive Officer proudly holding CR Plaque.

Huge thank you to Comic Relief

IANE have been awarded a plaque from Comic Relief in recognition to the advocacy we provide.

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We are looking for Volunteers!

Interested in giving Citizen Advocacy a try? See our section on volunteering or go to our 'Downloads' section for a volunteering application pack.

Top Downloads

IMCA - Making Decisions Booklet

Booklets are also available online at:


The Mental Capacity Implementation Programme published this booklet. It was written by Sue Lee at Speaking Up.

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