Case Advocacy

Some basic rights are denied to some people.  Advocacy is founded on the belief that people are of equal value regardless of ability, wealth or status and are therefore entitled to equal rights.  

We should all be entitled to the following rights:  

  • To make decisions about our lives  
  • To receive the social and health services we need  
  • To know our rights  
  • To be treated with respect  
  • To enjoy opportunities in leisure, education, training and employment  
  • Not to be discriminated against  
  • To make a complaint when things go wrong  

Who do we help?  

Not all of us are good at speaking up for ourselves. Sometimes we are not listened to.  

We help people with:  

  • Mental Health problems  
  • Anxiety or depression  
  • Physical disabilities  
  • Learning disabilities  
  • Communication difficulties and  
  • Vulnerable older people  

Case Advocacy  

Here at IANE we have a dedicated team of case workers who work with people on specific issues. They start with an initial chat to identify the issue/s we can help with and any appropriate action that may be required.   

Last year our team successfully helped over 600 people with varying issues. Housing concerns, family problems, transport/mobility problems and support at care co-ordination meetings to name just a few