About Independent Advocacy North East

Independent Advocacy North East (IANE) is an established charity whose business is the provision of independent advocacy services. Independent Advocacy North East became a registered charity in 1995, true to the values and principles of advocacy, including service user involvement, and continues to do so.  

Our Mission Statement  

“To enable the voices of vulnerable people to be heard through the provision of a range of independent advocacy services, tailored to the needs of individuals.” 

We aim to empower vulnerable people to have their voices heard, to be properly involved in their own care, to have information about their rights and to access the services they need.  Our charity aims to continuously deliver high quality advocacy services that are accessible, responsive and appropriate to the diverse needs of different client groups.    

Advocacy provides the support someone needs to express their views, to communicate their choices and to participate in decision making.  It can enable people to take more responsibility, have choices and control over decisions that affect their lives. It promotes individuals’ overall health and wellbeing by increasing self-determination and on a larger scale helps to promote social inclusion, equality and social justice.    

At Independent Advocacy we assist the person to look at options and to be part of the decision making process. We can help with: care plan assessments, support plans, reviews of care and safeguarding enquiries or assessments and reviews.  We can also help with various issues and concern such as housing, complaints, family, etc. 

What is Advocacy?  

Advocacy is not new. it is part of everyday life. People advocate (or speak up) every day for themselves, for their children, for their relatives and for their friends.

Who Do We Help?  

Not everyone is able to speak up for themselves and can sometimes find they are not listened to.  We cannot help everyone, but we may be able to help people with: 

• Mental health problems  

• Anxiety or depression  

• Physical disabilities  

• Learning disabilities  

• Communication difficulties  

• People with dementia  

• Asylum seekers and refugees   to speak up for themselves.   

We are not linked to health and social services or any other organisations. Our service is free and confidential.   

What is an advocate?  

An advocate is a person who works with you on a problem until it is sorted out. Once the problem has been sorted out, the advocate will stop working with you. Advocates often work this way because lots of different people need the help and support of an advocate.   

What an advocate does  

• An advocate is someone who can help you to speak up.  

• Advocates listen to you and help you to explain yourself.  

• Advocates can speak on your behalf if you want them to.  

• Advocates will not tell you what to think or say.  

• Advocates can come with you to important meetings.  

• Advocates can find the right people to help you.  

• Advocates can help you to be treated fairly.  

• An Advocate will be on your side not anybody else's!   

Independent Advocacy North East (IANE) is a charitable company, registered with the Charity Commission on 6 October 1995 (Charity No: 1049624) and registered with Companies House (14 February 2012).